About Us

At MyEcoPet, we want to help you dispose of your pet’s poop mess free and become an environmental champion.
Our mission is to save the environment one poop bag at a time!

We are a proud and passionate company focused on providing the most advanced eco-friendly solutions for pet waste bags. Our products are fully developed by us, creating the cutting edge technology to make our patented raw materials to making our brilliant bags! Our unrelenting focus on R&D places us at the forefront of earth-friendly technology, enabling us to supply the highest performing products in the market. In other words, if you are looking for the toughest, thickest, eco-friendliest pet waste bags, then MyEcoPet is what you are looking for! 


For the ultimate eco-friendly warrior, our completely compostable product range is for you. Here’s why:
  • 100% certified compostable to U.S. and International Standards
  • Made with 100% GMO free organic plant material
  • Extra thick & tough
  • Fully decomposes in professionally managed composting facilities and landfills
  • Worm friendly and leaves no toxic residues in the environment


For the reduced carbon footprints fighters, our brilliant Biohybrid™ range has got you covered.  Here’s why:
  • Made with a high content of renewable resources
  • Verified lower carbon footprint of up to 57%
  • Puncture and tear resistant
  • Contains less petroleum and no heavy metal
  • Recyclable in conventional plastic recycling streams


Join us in the green revolution! 
Let’s save the environment together!