About BioHybrid Products


These bright blue carbon footprint fighters are here to help you start your eco-friendly journey. 

What does this actually mean?

Our bright blue bags are called BioHybrid™ because they are a clever mix of organic plant material and conventional plastic. Why clever? Because this smart little guy can be made with 20% to 50% GMO free renewable content. That means they are made with less oil, include no heavy metal and reduce harmful carbon emissions. Our technology is so clever we’ve patented it! Not only that, our bags are bang for your buck, making your pet waste clean-up simple, economical and a whole lot more eco-friendly!

By choosing MyEcoPet BioHybrid™ waste bags, you’re choosing cleaner air and a cleaner environment for you and your pet. The earth friendly renewable materials in our bags mean they have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to traditional plastics. In fact, between 17% to 57% lower! Let us put that in perspective for you - the carbon footprint of 1 kg of plastic bags is roughly 2.8 kg of carbon dioxide through its life span. Bearing in mind that millions and millions of pet waste bags are used each year, you can help cut the resultant greenhouse gases and tackle climate change, simply by choosing MyEcoPet BioHybrid™. Too easy!

Let’s face it, no one loves to scoop poop but we make it a little less gross by ensuring our bags are extra thick and tough, and, fun fact, we even make them fully recyclable. You can be eco-conscious, confident and clean when choosing MyEcoPet BioHybrid™ because they are strong, earth-friendly and don’t break the bank with their economical pricing.  Talk about a triple treat!

So, if you are ready to start to scoop the poop eco-friendly style, MyEcoPet Biohybrid™ bags are here for you!

Psst, wholesalers! We’ve got more than one mix!

With MyEcoPet BioHybrid™, you can choose from a range of different combinations of organic plant material and conventional plastic. If you want to start small, we’ve got you covered with 20%, 26% or 33% GMO free renewable content. If you’re ready to go further, we can make you dog waste bags with 50% GMO free renewable content.

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Up to 60% lower carbon footprint

Contains 50% GMO free renewable plant-based material

Reduces global warming by lowering CO2 emissions

Superior puncture, tear and heat resistance and leak proof

Cost effective eco-friendly alternative

Main ingredients :

  • Thermoplastic starch made from GMO free Corn
  • Natural Plasticizers
  • Polyolefins
  • Compatibilizer

Let’s break it down a little more


Traditional petroleum plastic has led to the depletion of our world’s oil reserves and increase consumption of fossil fuels, ultimately leading to serious detrimental environmental and social effects. MyEcoPet BioHybrid™ works towards reducing these effects. Our BioHybrid™ range has been at the forefront of the development of sustainable products from natural, renewal raw materials, transitioning to healthier earth friendly products with a high percentage of GMO thermoplastic starch-based polymer. MyEcoPet, its customers and consumers to make a better choice for the environment, helps the pet industry, and simply the world in general.

Carbon Footprint

MyEcoPet Biohybrid™ products offer a significant reduction in their carbon footprint in comparison to petroleum based pet products, as verified by an independent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), as per ISO 14040 series of standards. The LCA evaluates the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to support human activities, directly and indirectly, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). Made with renewable raw material, with less oil and with no heavy metal, MyEcoPet Biohybrid™ has a carbon footprint of up to 57% less than traditional petroleum plastics.

Biohybrids BL-F Resin Blends
Biohybrid BLF Blend Addition Rate Renewable Content GHG Emission in KG CO2 eq. / KG product GHG Reduction vs. LDPE
LDPE 0% 0% 2.8 0%
BL-F (10%) 10% 7% 2.6 6%
BL-F (20%) 20% 13% 2.5 11%
BL-F (30%) 30% 20% 2.3 17%
BL-F (40%) 40% 26% 2.2 23%
BL-F (50%) 50% 33% 2 28%
Biohybrid H-F 75% 50% 1.6 42%
BL-F (100%) 100% 66% 1.2 57%
Greenhouse Reductions

Contributes to CO2 sequestering by using a blend of GMO-free corn-starch and petroleum. The production of oil from a plant-based product means that carbon is sequestered in the plant growth cycle and then used to produce a plastic resin. This helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and reduce global warming.