We love pets and the planet

At MyEcoPet®, we’re passionate about protecting our beautiful planet by helping reduce the use of conventional plastics.

The poop problem

When we discovered American dogs create over 10 million tons of poop each year, we sniffed one big plastic poop bag problem and knew we had to do something about it.

That’s when we decided to mix our love of the planet with our love of pets to develop our pet poop bags made with GMO free renewable plant material.

Our paw-fect solution

Since that lightbulb moment, our team of experts have been unstoppable in their pursuit of perfecting the highest performing pet products possible.

Not only that, to ensure our products truly are the best in show, we do everything - from imagining the ideas for our sustainable products to the cutting-edge technology for our raw materials – it’s all us!

Now we have the ball rolling, we’d like to give you a scoop. We have given ourselves a BIG goal and we need your help to do it -

To end the
use of conventional plastic bags.

So, they say you can’t teach a dog new tricks but we think differently. If you’re ready to make pet waste collection a little more fun & a lot less messy, then MyEcoPet® is here for you.