We love poop bags

It’s our way of making a paw-sitive impact on the world and to make it a better place for you and your pets.

#1 for pets #2s

Why choose MyEcoPet®?

Good for the planet

Renewable alternative to conventional plastic

Expertise & Experience

Forefront of sustainable technology

Specialist Manufacturer

Designed, developed and made by us

Trusted Credentials

Complies with U.S.A. and other international compostable standards

Paw-fect Performance

Super thick and tough for mess free poop pick up

Tail Wagging Reviews

Committed to ensure you and your pets happiness

Why made with plants?

We make our bags with plants because we believe it’s the ulti-mutt way to a clean and better future.

  • Renewable alternative to conventional plastic
  • Made with GMO free organic plant materials
  • Printed with non-toxic water-based inks
  • Disintegrates into organic matter
  • No toxic effect on worms, plants and soil
  • Does not contribute to damaging microplastics or other harmful residues